About Us

The idea behind our business was discovered in August 2006 when we packed up a minivan with camping gear, food and five friends. It was then that a life changing trip started and forever became known as 'Tour'. We left Saratoga Springs, NY and headed west to Seattle, WA. In 12 fascinating days, our trip totaled nearly 4,000 miles and included some of the greatest cities, sights and experiences that America has to offer. Of these experiences, some of the most memorable were the conversations we shared and the stops we made. These conversations became the foundation for what is now our business: Perfect Blend Café & Bakery. These conversations and experiences, however, are not the only events that helped to shape our business. Our families, friends, educations, life experiences, traditions and upbringings also played a major role in who we are today and what we are doing.
Over the years, PB has developed a passion for making other people happy through the power of good food and good conversation. Both go well with a great cup of coffee!
It's been almost 7 years since we've renovated, remodeled and fine tuned our business, and 15 years since we opened our doors in October of 2008.
Daniel Casey - Owner
Born and raised in Albany, NY. Attended Albany High School. Studied baking and pastry arts as part of the school's vocational program.
Graduate of Johnson and Wales University in Providence, RI.
Degree in Baking and Pastry Technology.
Pastry Chef/Sous Chef - Multiple locations throughout NY and NH.
Founding Member: The Two Betty's, LLC
Brendan M. McCann - Owner
Born and raised in Albany, NY. Attended Christian Brothers Academy in Albany.
Graduate of Siena College with a degree in Marketing and Management.
Founding Member: The Two Betty's, LLC